My mission is to play a positive role in the transition to clean energy 





 I help organisations with strategy, operations and growth





I thrive on working in dynamic environments with creative and enthusiastic teams. Whether we are building a house, launching a product, singing a chorus, climbing a mountain or changing the world, I know that it's the people that make it all happen.

I love building things.

During my time as a custom home builder in Lake Tahoe, I discovered the delight that comes from taking individual pieces and creating something that becomes much more than just the sum of the parts.

Building a home comes with a very tangible sense of accomplishment, you can literally see and touch the fruits of your labour. But I feel an even deeper pride in all the intangible parts - the organisation and orchestrations - that are really required to create something big.

My career has been built on relationships. From managing the demanding expectations of my clients of Palisade Construction, and leveraging the strength of relationships of my subcontractors, to building strategic rapport with old school construction managers in Western Australia, or working in cross functional teams at a dynamic start-up, I understand how success is built on collaboration and enduring connections.

As a former business owner with a diverse career, I have experience delivering projects, managing large and small accounts, and both B2B and end consumer relations. An M.B.A. combined with my practical background provide me with a solid foundation for my current role in a fast paced, disruptive start-up. 

My love of sunshine and being outside on beautiful days fuels my drive to keep our world clean and healthy. And so, I am particularly drawn to and inspired by the innovative and creative solutions that are rapidly emerging to construct the new energy world – clean and democratised - and I am most enthusiastically committed.

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